House Games

“House Games” is an innovative role-playing game set in a newly-modified version of our real world, employing much of the fiction and folklore of all sorts. Players assume the role of a resident of a fictional town and take on the persona of several distinct and intriguing characters as they go about their day. Each session of play is full of non-stop action, suspense, and adventure – and the game is best of all when players interact with each other in one-on-one sessions to develop bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. Character stats, detailed rules for play, information about the overall setting, secrets for using the clues found within the house itself, and countless other bits of House Games information are contained in the free sample character sheets found on the site. The samples are separated into categories for easy browsing, and the sheets are accompanied by a short description of what each scenario entails.

In “minecraft” for example, players are tasked to explore and discover the buried treasure of a wealthy gentleman, hoping to retrieve a rare ruby that belongs to the late Princess Diana. Players move throughout the virtual landscape using the arrow keys and mouse button to view and maneuver the game’s various scenes and can continue the game from any bed they arrive at without having to return to their personal computer. Players can find hidden items and read journals that detail the history and current events within the minecraft universe. A number of free sample scenarios allow players to experience the game’s various scenarios firsthand, allowing them to develop and adapt strategies to handle different situations.

One of my personal favorites is “minecraft and animal crossing”, a game where players must survive a zombie-infested town while trying to find help and assistance. Players can customize their game experience by choosing from a range of animal Crossing layouts, each with its own story and storyline. This is another scenario that many gamers find incredibly engaging and difficult. Other customization options include the type of clothing the player wears, the types of houses they live in and many more.

The most recent game I played that has some excellent customization options is “abiTide”. In this game, players take on the role of an architect while building their dream home. Similar to “minecraft and animal crossing”, players can choose from a range of house designs and decide on the layout of their dream home. Players can also use a variety of lighting, furniture and other interior design features throughout their home. Some customization options even extend to the type of flooring, wallpaper and window treatments used throughout the house.

The game I’m particularly fond of involves the development of the fantasy world known as Telara. Players take on the role of a Telara prince or princess and travel throughout the world to locate their long lost loved ones. Although there are a variety of customizable options available in the game, one of the most interesting is the ability to purchase real life replicas of items that appear in the game. Players can use these items in their homes, towns and even in their actual real life locations.

When I started playing MineCraft a couple years ago, I really didn’t have much experience with building real life structures. I knew I liked strategy games so I started playing with that in mind. When I started playing “abiTide” and tried out the customizations that were available, I was blown away by the level of customization that is available in the game. I had no idea that it was possible to fully replicate the look of a house, including the interior design and furnishing, but I was extremely impressed with what I discovered.

House Games offers a competitive gaming experience where players pit their skills against each other in a bid to build the best house in town using only a handful of resources. Unlike MineCraft and Animal Crossing, which require you to outsource a lot of the work, House Games gives you almost total control over the process. You can choose what resources you want to use, how many animals you want to raise and even how often you want to fertilize your farm. If you are having trouble getting started, there are plenty of tutorials online that will walk you through the basics of game play and give you an idea of how to improve your strategies as you go.

House Games truly offers up a unique gaming experience that challenges you to think outside of the box. The level of detail and customization available make House Games an interesting and engaging add-on to any online strategy or life story game. If you enjoy the idea of creating your own virtual world, you’ll love playing house games. The variety and options offered make this a perfect addition to any online gaming community. As long as you have enough free time and a computer with an internet connection, you could be playing a version of a dollhouse in no time!